Our mission is to better understand, treat, and prevent all types of crash injuries.

A Worldwide Challenge

In 2008, the United Nations added Global Technical Regulation #9 - Pedestrian Safety to the Global Registry. This regulation seeks to better protect the thousands of pedestrians and cyclists that are injured by motor vehicles each year across the globe.

Data collected from the International Harmonized Research Activities Pedestrian Safety working group demonstrates that pedestrian safety is a worldwide challenge.

Of those individuals involved in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes, our most vulnerable populations, children and the elderly, are also the most likely to be in those accidents; children under the age of 15 and adults over the age of 60.

To gain an in-depth understanding of this problem, see this infographic from the World Health Organization.

Our Plan

In partnership with global automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as regional law enforcement and road safety agencies, and via outside funding, ICAM has created the Pedestrian Consortium which is focused on protecting vulnerable populations on all roadways throughout the globe.

There are two long term goals for the consortium:

There are four ways in which ICAM will work to achieve the above noted goals:


We are pleased to partner with Together for Safer Roads.

Local and state units of government, including:

Participating Communities

  • Ann Arbor (Washtenaw County)
  • Lansing (Ingham County)
  • Grand Rapids (Kent County)

Automotive Partners:

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