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Cross-fertilization between multiple scientific and professional disciplines continue to be the engine of technological innovation and advancement. The sustained and growing enthusiasm we have seen over the past seven years for the University of Michigan Program for Injury Research and Education (UMPIRE) fellowship to train automotive engineers in anatomy, medical science, and injury care clearly demonstrates the potential for expanded cross-training of engineers in the medical sciences. The education provided by the center is quickly available for new vehicle design by medically trained engineers, translating into safer vehicles.

Crash Response Training

Motor Vehicle Crash

Our development of a Congressional funded EMS training program for advanced automatic crash notification (AACN) demonstrates the wide-based public support for cross-disciplinary education. Furthermore, tremendous advances in educational technologies and multimedia enable widespread dissemination for maximal educational impact. Our crashedu.org website is just one example of the power of this cross-disciplinary education in the understanding of automotive medicine.

Crash Training

ICAM Injury Fellowship

ICAM Injury Fellowship

Our mission is to foster synergistic research between medical specialties, and biomedical and automotive engineering efforts that translate quickly into new technologies, medical treatments, education, and policies that prevent injuries and improve care.

When designing and manufacturing automobiles, lead-time is essential. ICAM has found that the best way to have medical and engineering specialists learn from each other and work together is to analyze current field data in a fellowship program.

ICAM offers fellowships to senior safety engineers and designers that have an interest collaboration and continuous education. Fellows are instructed in the basics of trauma, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and radiology as it relates to designing systems to prevent motor vehicle crash injury. Injury fellows will also gain practical experience in crash investigation and bioengineering. Additionally, ICAM invites research and industry experts to attend the crash injury case reviews as well as hold private seminars with the fellows on topics ranging from finite element analysis modeling to lower extremity injuries.

The Injury Fellowship is for 12 months, beginning in January. There are several levels of sponsorships for companies, dependent upon the number of fellows enrolled per organization.

Fellowship teams participate in a research analysis project which will ideally address an existing opportunity for improvement. These projects are conceived by the fellows, and will be presented to the sponsoring organization at a scheduled on-site visit.

Previous fellows have developed significant and innovative intellectual property. Let the ICAM team with their expertise in research and analysis be a partner in developing cutting edge safety and injury prevention engineering solutions.

Current Fellows:

  • Angela Benesch
  • Dustin Edmunds
  • Anant Kendale
  • Casey Lang
  • Kathryn Petrilli
  • Mark Zimmerman
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