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ICAM combines the exceptional medical, engineering, and educational resources of the University of Michigan with the unmatched automotive technical and industrial resources of southeast Michigan.

The center's mission is to foster synergistic research between medical specialties, and biomedical and automotive engineering—efforts that translate quickly into new technologies, medical treatments, education, and policies that prevent injuries and improve care.

To Accomplish our Mission, we have a 3-part plan:

Number 1


Our research team was one of the founding members of the Crash Injury Research Engineering Network (CIREN), a government-industry research consortium of NHTSA, and we were involved with this project for 14 years.

We are committed to supporting the NIH Roadmap's integrated vision by generating opportunities in three main areas:

  1. New pathways to discovery
  2. Research teams of the future
  3. Re-engineering the research enterprise
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Number 2


Cross-fertilization between multiple scientific and professional disciplines continue to be the engine of technological innovation and advancement.

The sustained and growing enthusiasm we have seen over the past seven years for the University of Michigan Program for Injury Research and Education (UMPIRE) fellowship to train automotive engineers in anatomy, medical science, and injury care clearly demonstrates the potential for expanded cross-training of engineers in the medical sciences.

The education provided by the center is quickly available for new vehicle design by medically trained engineers, translating into safer vehicles.

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Number 3


Our ongoing federally-funded research projects provide us with direct access to the databases of several large national multi-center studies.

This data access, coupled with the internationally-recognized expertise of its researchers, allows the center to drive policy-making at multiple levels.

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