• Medical research

    Medical Research

    Analytic Morphomics identifies bio-markers using medical imaging that provides insight into disease processes, treatment options, and outcome variability.

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    Auto Safety

    Analytic Morphomics improves automotive engineers' understanding of the variability of a population in order to better protect individuals in motor vehicle crashes.

  • Improving surgical outcomes

    Improving Surgical Outcomes

    Analytic Morphomics helps doctors educate patients using their own specific bio-markers, engaging patients the shared decision making and motivating them to adopt healthier lifestyles.

  • Devices


    Analytic Morphomics characterizes the variation in a population, thereby enabling the design of devices that provide optimal benefit to individuals across the spectrum.

  • Drug treatment

    Drug Treatment

    Analytic Morphomics enables more precise evaluation of a patient for drug dosing and measurement of treatment effectiveness.

  • Risk analysis

    Risk Analysis

    Analytic Morphomics enables more precise evaluation of patient risk at baseline and following surgical or medical treatment. Using morphomic variables, far more accurate prediction of individual outcomes and costs is possible.

Analytic Morphomics

Linking body factors to health outcomes for improved insight, treatment, and prevention

With Analytic Morphomics, you can compare:

Organ size and condition

organ size and condition

Visceral and subcutaneous fat

visceral and subcutaneous fat volumes, distribution, and density

Cortical and trabecular bone

bone measures including density (BMD) and shape from cortical and trabecular bone

Muscle size and quality psoas

Muscle volume and quality from psoas and other muscle groups

Vascular measures

vascular measures including calcification, lengths, and location.

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There is no longer any need to guess
about a patient's physical or physiological state.

The Problem:

Typically, clinicians will either perform an eyeball test on patients before surgery or course of treatment, or they’ll use BMI to gauge relative health. Unfortunately, these approaches are too crude in their execution.

An Elegant Solution

Approximately half of all existing electronic storage contains medical imaging data. Due to the nature of the medium used to capture this data and the commitment to preserve and store the information, there is a veritable flood of discovery and insight at our fingertips just waiting to be tapped.

From this massive body of data, we collect and index Analytic Morphomics —the measurements of specific bio-markers from patients’ bodies.

These measurements provide quantifiable data about the patient's current state, by measuring and analyzing what's on the inside.

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Use our Research

Application of Analytic Morphomics

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Reference Analytic Morphomics Population

Indexing the bodily measurements of the population so researchers can compare patients to what’s “normal.”

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Morphomic Analysis Group

A group of investigators that are working to understand how variations in specific body structures impact and predict outcomes.

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Michigan Surgical & Health Optimization Program

Training patients for surgery and assisting in recovery, thereby lessening length of hospital stay and reducing costs.

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